Sketches for the Geometry of Love wedding ceremony

FOR: About You Decor


IDEA: Wedding event. The dynamic space of the main hall is decorated in the style of an immersive theater. Symmetry sustained. Guests are placed on the benches - modules, which are subsequently transformed into a banquet table. The ceremony takes place against the background of a screen with a composition in motion.

Beeline Experience Center

FOR: Advertising agency Barracuda

LOCATION: Moscow, Russia

IDEA: The store space is zoned thematically: Self-servie (touching screens, smart shelves, holographic showcases), Robot Host (welcomes and accompanies guests), Health and Diagnostics (Flying Simulator), Home and Leisure (smart home devices and Robot Arm), Big Data (reception desk with touch-panel). The elements of navigation are located on the floor and lead the buyer to a particular zone. Interior is enriched with light and modern perforated equipment and structures.

The Long Night of Museums

LOCATION: Shchusev Museum of Architecture, Moscow

IDEA: integration of modern technologies and installations in the architectural space of the museum.
Developed areas: entrance, lobby with a bookstore, museum courtyard with interactive installations and cafe, exhibition space

Mobile construction Ecorest

LOCATION: the southern coast of Crimea

IDEA: the project was developed on the basis of alternative energy sources. The constructions accommodate from 4 to 8 persons, depending on the number of modules. The modules provide: maps, Wi-fi, charging for gadgets, garbage containers