The launch event of Netflix Italian limited series “Tutto chiede salvezza”

FOR: Filmmaster Events

LOCATION: Rome, Italy


AREAS: Space Cinema Moderno

IDEA: The visual perception was the concept behind the set-up of the location that included a perspective installation and the Rorschach aisle, personalized through a series of stains from the Rorschach Test and reframed by an AI intelligence.

Premiere of Netflixit’s movie “The Gray Man”

FOR: Filmmaster Events

LOCATION: Rome, Italy


AREAS: "The Gray Party" took place at the Auditorium della Conciliazione.

IDEA: The exterior and interior set-up of the location, which took inspiration from some of the scenes in the movie.

NETFLIX “Stories of a generation” Pop-up retail

FOR: Filmmaster Events

LOCATION: Rome, Italy


AREAS: Entire store

IDEA: On the occasion of the launch of the docu-series “Stories of a generation with Pope Francis” - a temporary shop where you can create the statuette of your "heroes". People over 60 who present themselves with an adult witness to their life's episodes that made them unique, will be subjected to 3D scanning and "reproduced" in action figure format. After a few days, participants will receive the statuette in a special and personalized package, which will show the story of the "hero", written by an author using the information provided by the companion during participation in the event.

“Baby” NETFLIX launch party

FOR: Filmmaster Events

LOCATION: Club "La Villa", Rome


AREAS: Screening room, a main party area, red carpet, activations within the venue to engage the GEN Z group

IDEA: Authentic space, coherent with the narrative style chosen to tell this story: Baby is based upon love and miscommunication, with a romantic and dark essence. A continuous mixture of features linked to the world of teenagers and representative symbols of the “grownup’s” world. An encounter that brings to life an ambiguous and sleazy reality, where nothing is as it seems and values and roles are distorted in a continuous search for oneself.