Promo stand “Beeline” 4G

FOR: Advertising agency Barracuda

LOCATION: major shopping centers of Moscow

IDEA: mobile stand was designed to attract customers, where they had an opportunity to test the new products and were able to participate in the prize draw

Interactive stands

FOR: Skriabin Memorial Museum

LOCATION: Moscow, Russia

IDEA: multimedia screens telling about the life and work of the great Russian composer and pianist Alexander Scriabin

Mobile construction Ecorest

LOCATION: the southern coast of Crimea

IDEA: the project was developed on the basis of alternative energy sources. The constructions accommodate from 4 to 8 persons, depending on the number of modules. The modules provide: maps, Wi-fi, charging for gadgets, garbage containers

The Long Night of Museums

LOCATION: Shchusev Museum of Architecture, Moscow

IDEA: integration of modern technologies and installations in the architectural space of the museum. Developed areas: entrance, lobby with a bookstore, museum courtyard with interactive installations and cafe, exhibition space